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  • INMAP~POLR3B(ZYL-LQJ)inMCBI2013,---10[1].1007_s11010-012-1507-4
  • Published:2013-01-04
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INMAP, a novel truncated version
    of POLR3B, represses AP-1 and p53
    transcriptional activity



Zhou Yunlei, Chen Zhe, Lei Yan, Wang
    Pengcheng, Zheng Yanbo, Sun Le &
    Liang Qianjin


Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry
       An International Journal for Chemical
       Biology in Health and Disease


ISSN 0300-8177
       Volume 374
       Combined 1-2
       Mol Cell Biochem (2013) 374:81-89
       DOI 10.1007/s11010-012-1507-4