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New antibody products release!
Author:  Published:2009-11-09 20:23:55   Views:

Great saving, high quality and some newest antibodies on the market!


Monoclonal Anti-Enterovirus 71 Antibody, Clone 22A12

Powerful performance with neutralization activities!

• Mouse monoclonal IgG
• Multi-applications: Neutralization, ICC, ELISA, Western

• Highly specific

Sale Price: $259 Bulk also available!


Monoclonal Anti-2009 H1N1 Virus Antibody, Clone 2B5

1st Anti-2009 H1N1 Virus monoclonal antibody, be the front of research!

• Mouse monoclonal IgG
• Multi-applications: ICC, ELISA

Sale Price: $259 Bulk also available!