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Monoclonal Antibody for Western Blot in 46 Days!

AbMax Biotechnology Co., Ltd., with its proven expertise in monoclonal antibody development, is proud to offer a promotion: WB-monoclonal antibody development within 46 days.

What you should provide: 
             0.5 mg purified protein (the concentration should > 0.3mg/ml, purity >90%) 
             Or 1 mg KLH-conjugated peptide. (Optional: 1 mg peptide, conjugation extra) 
             Membrane for Western Blot.

            Day 0, Immunization of 3 mice 
            Day 1-10, Boost immunizations
            Day 14, Bleed about 0.1ml. Monitor the immune response of each mouse by ELISA and Western Blot. Email the data to customer.
            Day 18, Fusion
            Day 36, 1st supernatant screening by ELISA
            Day 40, 2nd supernatant screening by ELISA and Western Blot
            Day 45, Save WB-positive clones, and deliver 1-2 ml supernatant for each of these clones to the client for client's own confirmation

We guarantee that the monoclonal antibody we developed can work in Western Blot.

Terms of payment
50% when immunization starts
50% before we deliver hybridoma cells to customer


Standard Monoclonal Antibody Development

We will be able to generate hybridoma producing monoclonal antibody specific to your antigen within 60 days if the antigen is available.

Material required: >0.5mg of purified antigen (M.W.>30 kd, Concentration > 0.3mg/ml, Purity >80%) or 1 mg pre-conjugated peptide (>12 a.a.).

A Typical Procedure: 
         1. Day 0, Start immunization of 3 mice
         2. Day 1-10, Boost immunizations
         3. Day 14, Check the tail bleeds by ELISA and/or by WB if the blots are provided by the client 
         4. Day 18, Perform fusion
         5. Day 36, Screen hybridoma supernatants to identify the positive clones by ELISA
         6. Day 40, Perform 2nd ELISA and/or WB on ELISA-positive clones 
         7. Day 45, Save up to 10 positive clones for each antigen target, and deliver 1~2 ml supernatant for
             each of these clones to the client for client’s own  confirmation 

        • mAb generation for WB, ELISA: 
        • mAb generation for IHC:
        • Abs generation for mAb/pAb Sandwich ELISA:
           mAbs generation for mAb/mAb Sandwich ELISA:
        • mAb for Bioassay:

Terms of payment
30% when immunization starts
70% before we deliver hybridoma cells to customer